Flashingboards can be used both outdoors and indoors.

For outdoor use, it is important to make sure the Flashingboards are placed away from moisture and in a shady location where it will not get prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

The warranty does not cover any misuse of Flashingboards beyond the normal intended purpose. No repairs, replacement nor refund will be made to those who do not follow the instructions.

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Easel Instruction
As Fig#1: The dotted line represents the location of the Flashing Board ① Security lock for the Flashing board ;② Winding handle to adjust the location of the security lock;③ Base holder of the Flashing board, to be hung by the screws on the easel , which are movable to the height required; ④ Locks of the easel legs, adjustable to the height preferred;⑤ Convenience hook – you can hang the battery on the hook ; ⑥ Handle to make moving the easel easier.
Open the zipped pocket and remove the easel from the bag, Expand the easel Fig,Releaselock and pull legs to desired height. Close to re-lock at height desired,

Place the base holder on the easel using the attached screws (base-holder is also adjustable for the height wanted).After the base holder is attached at the desired height place the flashing board onto the holde

Using the winding lock to keep the top of the board in place Fig#7. Adjust height of the top lock so that it is above the top of the board. When standing in front of the easel push the spring part towards you until it is centered over the board. Securely lock the board in place by pushing the lever on top of the lock backward until it click into place.

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