Flashingboards can be used both outdoors and indoors.

For outdoor use, it is important to make sure the Flashingboards are placed away from moisture and in a shady location where it will not get prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

The warranty does not cover any misuse of Flashingboards beyond the normal intended purpose. No repairs, replacement nor refund will be made to those who do not follow the instructions.

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LED Fluorescent Writing Board will work during the day and night. The LED Flashing board is especially dazzling in a dark environment. It is most often used in restaurants, shopping mall, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs or in any public place. They are ideal for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions.

By using a multi-colored fluorescent marker pens (neon markers) to create a vibrant message to your customers of your drink special, menu, upcoming events, or random drawing on these flashing led writing boards. It will attract consumers easily and achieve the goal of promoting your business or special.

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LogoBox Flashing Boards
The perfect combination of the Flashing Board and a commercial Light Box. It is uniquely designed to make the logo stands out while the features of flashing and color changing will remain grabbing the attention of your targeted customers.

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